Biden, the Country Mutilator- He’s got electrolytes

Cartoon published 03/25/2024

“Idiocracy” is a 2006 movie directed by Mike Judge. The story line is about private Joe Bowers (Luke Wilson) who is selected to take part in a secret military experiment to put him in hibernation for a year along with a woman named Rita (Maya Rudolph). The slumbering duo are forgotten when the base they are stored on is closed down. They are left in stasis until the year 2505. When they finally wake up, they discover the average intelligence of humans has decreased so drastically that Joe finds himself being the smartest man in the world.

What was satire almost 20 years ago is now looking like a documentary in 2024 due to DEI ideology and the woke mind virus that has spread through Western countries.

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DEI is an acronym for ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.” It was was invented by far-left progressives to further divide the country. Sure it sounds harmless in theory, we want everyone to have a fair chance and not be held back by the color of their skin. But in reality DEI is nothing but reverse racism against White people, any type of racism is wrong and the people yelling racist the loudest are usually the biggest racists of all.

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DEI is not only hurting people with the ‘wrong’ skin color, it’s also hurting all American people who have worked hard and sacrificed to be the best in their field, only to find themselves passed over to fill a DEI quota mandated by brainwashed HR departments. People who would not have made the cut before are now hired or at least pushed to the front of the line. If someone is a White, straight male, then they do not pass go. Their resumés get sent straight to the reject pile. The ‘correct’ color of one’s skin and proper gender is what gets you ahead in 2024.

That is a violation of one’s rights and there should be many discrimination lawsuits in the future. Or maybe not. Washington State for example has eliminated the bar exam for lawyers because it is too hard for minorities. Isn’t that racist? Does Washington state think minorities are too stupid to pass the law exam so they need to remove a test because it is challenging? This means lawyers who are not properly educated in the use of law will hurt their clients because they are defended by an incompetent lawyer. Expect to hear, “Your sh*ts f**ked up and you talk like a fag,” in Washington courtrooms soon.

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Like a virulent virus, DEI has easily spread to major corporations across the world. The consequences are staggering. Take Boeing for example. Their planes are losing doors and wheels in mid-fight. Planes are sliding off runways and there have been close calls with mid air collisions. What is going on you may say? DEI in the workforce is the reply. Would you like to fly in a passenger jet piloted by a DEI hire? It takes more than the right color skin to pilot a jet.

Yahoo News Reported:

March 2024

  • The FAA’s 737 Max production audit finds multiple instances where Boeing allegedly did not comply with manufacturing quality control requirements.
  • In two separate incidents, a Boeing 777-200 loses a wheel during takeoff from San Francisco and a Boeing 737 skids off the runway after landing in Houston.
  • The next week, a prominent Boeing whistleblower — former employee John Barnett — dies by suicide while in Charleston, S.C., for a deposition for a lawsuit against Boeing.
  • A Boeing 787 Dreamliner nose-dives during a flight from Sydney to Auckland, New Zealand, injuring at least 50 people, on the same day a Boeing 777 flight from Sydney is forced to turn around due to a maintenance issue.
  • Another Boeing 777 is forced to make an emergency landing at Los Angeles International Airport after pilots report a flat tire.
  • A Boeing 737 that took off from San Francisco later that week is found to be missing a panel during a postflight inspection.

February 2024

  • The NTSB publishes a preliminary report that found the Alaska Airlines flight was missing four key bolts, which is why the door plug blew out.

January 2024

  • Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 experiences a door plug blowout mid-flight. The FAA subsequently grounds all Max 9 aircraft to investigate.

December 2023

  • Boeing urges airlines to inspect all 737 Max jets for potential loose hardware in the plane’s rudder control systems.

The Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and other top executives will resign at the end of 2024 as the safety scandal escalates.

Biden constantly pushes this woke nonsense and the federal government embraces it as a religion. If you’re White, take a hike. If you’re not step on up. It leads to failure, just like Joe’s insistence that EVs replace gas-powered autos.

How about judge a person by his actions and merit instead of his skin color?

—The GrrrTeam

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