Total Eclipse Of The Sun

Cartoon published 04/02/2024

April 8th will showcase a solar eclipse that will travel across the United States. Depending where you are in the US, you may be treated to a total solar eclipse. People in Texas will be the first see the total eclipse as the shadow of the moon travels across the country  giving everyone a rare celestial treat.

Only this time it seems the sun’s eclipse is different. States are already preparing for communication losses and possible chaos by declaring states of emergencies pre eclipse.

What’s going on?

Are you in the  total eclipse path?

The eclipse is passing directly over high population areas of the United States, add to that all the eclipse watchers that will arrive to see the sun darkened by the moon’s shadow and you will have traffic gridlock and shortages. This is the last total solar eclipse visible in the lower 48 states until 2044, according to NASA.

—The GrrrTeam 

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