Chef Bill Gates Serves Up The ‘Shot-kabob’

Cartoon published 05/23/2023

If you perform a Google search by typing in “Bill Gates Vaccines in Food,” Google will immediately tell you it’s all lie. A misunderstanding. Misinformation. Gates never had any intention whatsoever to forcibly vaccinate everyone by means of food.

The phrase ‘methinks thou dost protest too much’ came to mind.

Google, a subsidiary of the CIA, frames searches to suit the narratives they want to see disseminated. It’s the same thing with the faked moon landings. Google will bring up page after page and post after post telling you that the landings were real. After all, the CIA helped fake them and they must protect their lie.

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The lies of Bill Gates are likewise protected. Remember when he claimed he once had a business meeting with Epstein and that was it? Turned out it was far more than that. Epstein was blackmailing him by exposing his affair with a Russian bridge player named Mila Antonova, a very young-looking woman who resembles Greta Thunberg. Why would such a young person be interested in having affair with an old man who is also a complete dork? Oh, I almost forgot. Gates is a billionaire and such people feel like they have carte blanche to do whatever they like. Epstein certainly did. What will be revealed next—did Gates visit Epstein Island as well? Perhaps that’s why Melinda Gates divorced him.

Don’t be surprised if Gates is slipping in vaccines into our food by means of animal inoculation. 

He will claim he’s doing it to benefit mankind, but it’s clear that Gates wants global depopulation. He sees vaccines as a miracle that can make that happen. He’s also into controlling the global food supply. He became heavily invested in Monsanto (now merged with Bayer) and their GMO foods. Gates keeps tinkering with our food. He likes artificial meat. He wants farms and cattle ranches shut down and replaced with his Franken-food!

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Bear in mind that Gates is not a medical professional. He doesn’t have a medical degree or any sort of college degree at all. He’s not a virologist or scientist, but he has invested hundreds of millions of dollars and heavily influences Big Pharma and the vaccine industry at every turn. Gates is also the single largest owner of farmland in the world. What’s his plan for all of that land? Nothing good.

Never forget that Bill Gates wants you dead.

— Ben Garrison

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