Lock Fauci Up

Cartoon published 06/04/2024

“Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about.” — “Dr.” Anthony Fauci.

Except Senator Rand Paul DID know what he was talking about. Fauci lied to Congress and he’s lying to Congress again. What will they do about it? Most likely, nothing. He’s protected by the globalists, Bill Gates, the Democrats, and the Deep State Swamp.

Fauci (never call him doctor) is what I call a ‘right man.’ As such, he can do no wrong. He considers himself to always be right no matter what. He’s a man with a voluminous ego and he has for a long time enjoyed a lot of power, which he abused to make more money for himself, his associates, and Big Pharma.

Scientists who went along with his agenda were rewarded with grants. Those who didn’t were denied them. This man had the gall to tell us that he ‘was science.’ Fauci and his associates raked in $710 million in royalties from Big Pharma companies thanks to Covid, a disease manufactured in a Chinese bioweapons lab. His pal Bill Gates raked in over $3 billion. Gain of function was achieved thanks to American taxpayer money sent by Fauci to that Wuhan lab.

In other words, Fauci helped bring about  gain of function and later he lied about it. He said it most likely came from Wuhan meat markets without proof. Now we know he and his associates covered it all up by hiding email and avoided the Freedom of Information Act. He’s now cornered and so what does he do? He denied he ever mislead us. Now he’s blaming his aides and associates. He will gladly throw people under the bus to protect himself.

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Fauci pushed social distancing and masks—even though he knew they don’t work. Even little kids who were least likely to catch Covid were force to wear masks during their key development years. Schools, churches, and small businesses were shut down thanks to Fauci. He pushed dangerous vaccines even when they did not work. Not only did millions die from Covid, millions more were injured and killed by the vaccine. Fauci doesn’t care because he’s a sociopath. Remember, he sent millions of taxpayer dollars to fund the torture of beagles for no good scientific reason whatsoever. Fauci had no problem murdering dogs, and he had no problem murdering humans.

Marjorie Taylor Greene called for “Mr.” Fauci’s imprisonment. She refused to call him a doctor (as do I) and was admonished for harming the decorum. She held up facts and evidence of his his lies and hypocrisy.

Lock him up!

— Ben Garrison

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