Presidential Debate Preview

Cartoon Published 06/26/2024

The presidential debates have always been important milestones. They are key because they help voters—especially swing voters—decide who will lead our country.

Yet now these critical debates have become corrupted and slanted in favor of one party—the Democrats—along with our judicial system, security agencies, media, and the voting process itself. This will not be a fair and unbiased debate. It will be unfair and very biased, thanks to partisan anti-Trump CNN propagandists, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, who will parade as moderators.

This sham debate will conjure up more disgust than discussion. Joe Biden refused to consider debating unless he was allowed a huge advantage. Well, he got his way. Trump’s microphone will be turned off at the whim of a Trump-hating professional liar named Jake Tapper. Trump might end up debating Tapper more than Biden.

Biden will come out hopped up, juiced up, charged up, drugged up, angry and anxious to crush Trump, but can he sustain it for 90 minutes? He might be swinging after the bell at first, but will he have any punches left in later rounds? To make matters worse for Joe, there will be no teleprompter. We’ve all seen Trump routinely crank out speeches that last well over an hour at his rallies. Trump is used to speaking without a teleprompter. He can actually spontaneously do something Biden cannot do, and that is think on his feet. Biden is terrible at improvising and depends heavily on his teleprompter, and even with it he’s still a flop. Pause. Repeat the line.

Our prediction? Joe will begin by making loud and angry noises, but he will fade at the finish, even though he will have had the questions in advance along with a week to memorize stuff at Camp David. Yet at this point, CAN he retain for long what he has memorized? We know he has many lies memorized, so don’t be surprised if he talks about growing up in a black church, or his son dying in Iraq…or his uncle being served up by cannibals. Biden will be sure to call President Trump a ‘convicted felon’ many times also.

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Look for Jake to turn off Trump’s microphone quickly and often. It will be Tapper’s big chance to get revenge on a person whom he despises the most. Tapper has claimed that Trump and his policies are ‘Hitleresque’ many times. Dana Bash,  the Trump hating CNN co-host, will be doing a little Trump ‘bashing’ herself.

It will be Biden’s big night, though…and perhaps his biggest test. If the dimwitted Obama puppet does not shine, look for his strings to be yanked. A poor performance could signal an end to his reelection campaign at the Democratic Convention. Hillary will be waiting in the wings.

— The GrrrTeam

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