Democrat Establishment Alarmed Over Kennedy 2024

Cartoon published 04/21/2023

During Robert Kennedy Jr.’s campaign launch ‘someone’ pulled a fire alarm trying to disrupt Kennedy’s speech.

Kennedy responded to the ‘prank’ with “Nice try” and resumed speaking.

We at GrrrGraphics support Trump for president in 2024, but we like the idea of RFK Jr. running for the Democrat nomination against Biden. We feel he’s the only candidate who can offer Joe much of a challenge despite Biden’s horrible record and record-low poll ratings. The Democrat establishment will pull all sorts of dirty tricks to make sure Joe gets the nomination, but RFK Jr. won’t make that an easy task.

RFK Jr. was one of the few public figures to warn us about the Covid vaccines. By doing so he faced tremendous criticism and flak, but his critics could not refute what he was saying. He has now been proven right. The vaccines were not only unsafe and ineffective, they were also dangerous and killed or injured millions. His book revealed the abject corruption of Fauci and Big Pharma. It’s unfortunate Trump did not listen to RFK Jr. Instead, he tried to be a hero by helping to push “Operation Warp Speed,’ which help rush out the vaccines while also rushing huge profits from taxpayers into Big Pharma coffers.


RFK Jr., like his father, is anti-war, pro free speech, and anti-organized crime. By that we mean he’s against the globalist/corporate takeover of America. Unfortunately, RFK Jr. has a sordid, scandalous and drug-riddled past, but that is well behind him. He’s now seasoned and intellectually disciplined. He can think circles around old Joe, but another holdback he has is his voice. He can be difficult to listen to due to a medical condition with his vocal cords.

We’re hearing that next week Biden will announce his intention to run again. If he’s ‘re-elected’ (we don’t think he was elected to begin with) and finishes his second term he will be a whopping 86 years old. Imagine how far gone he—and our country—will be by then.

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We wish RFK Jr. the best of luck, but the Biden regime has the Deep State Swamp backing them. It will be miraculous of the son of Bobby Kennedy receives the nomination.

— The GrrrTeam


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