Deride The Pride

Cartoon published 06/05/2023

We at GrrrGraphics do not care what consenting adults do behind closed doors. It’s their business and we don’t want to know about it. We will leave them alone if they leave us alone.

Unfortunately, they don’t want us left alone. The rainbow mafia insists upon our participation, cooperation, approval, and applause simply because they are attracted to people of the same sex.They want us to use odd and confusing pronouns in their presence and when we don’t we are vilified as ‘bigots.’ They want hiring preferences granted to men who want to be women and vice versa. Actual merit or being qualified are downgraded in importance.

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They want grown, muscular men competing against women in sports events. These males are even allowed to parade about naked in high school dressing rooms that were once assigned exclusively to girls. The men naturally collect all of the first place trophies while simultaneously insulting women and feminism. If anyone complains, loud condemnation soon erupts and there are even threats of violence. The pro-’trans’ movement is a form of McCarthyism. Those who don’t fall into line get rooted out, doxxed, fired, or threatened.


We are forced to allow grown men who wear grotesque, satanic garb and gobbed-on makeup access to children through ‘storybook hour.’ Some of these transvestites were revealed to be pedophiles. We’ve already seen the LA Dodgers support and honor a group of ‘trans’ or transvestite men who insult Christianity and conservatives. What does that have to do with baseball? Fans are getting fed up.

Many school libraries now contain pornographic books that describe and promote same sex behavior. Those books recruit children to participate. Stores such as Target were offering clothing with ‘queer’ slogans on them to very young children. Those sexually-charged slogans were even on baby clothes!

Most adults abhor the idea of sexualizing children. We don’t want ’trans’ men or women on our beer or food products. The corporations that push the rainbow agenda are now losing their customers and billions of dollars. That doesn’t seem to phase them much. Outfits such as BlackRock want companies to adhere to social constructs that they push, and the globalist BlackRock has trillions of dollars at their disposal to invest or take away. The rainbow agenda goes to the very top—to the Bilderbergs, WEF, and Davos types. It is being run by the top-of-the-pyramid satanic oligarchs who run the world. Those are the folks who own BlackRock.

It’s officially Boycott Month!

Americans are tolerant of each other’s peccadilloes—sexual and otherwise—as long as such things take place among adults and nobody’s getting hurt. The children should always be protected, but they no longer are. Leftist politicians such as Joe Biden as well as the rainbow mafia want kids to be able to have sexually-mutilating surgery that alters them forever and they don’t want parents to be involved in the decision. This is downright evil. Many gay people are alarmed and speaking out against it, only to find that they too are shut down, insulted, and censored.

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Everyone is free to be happy with who they are, but forcing people to salute endless gay flags for an entire month is not freedom.

The rainbow symbol has been stolen from us and it now no longer represents hope. Rainbows now represent delusion and tyranny. It’s time to push back. Signed Print Available!

— Ben Garrison


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