Donny Quest

Cartoon published 03/17/2024

Former Vice President Mike Pence said he’s not endorsing Trump. He self-righteously stated,

“I believe anyone that puts themselves over the Constitution should never be president of the United States and anyone who asks someone else to put them over the Constitution should never be president of the United States again,”

Trump never put himself above the Constitution. Pence bought into the ‘insurrectionist’ lie pushed by the globalist Democrats.

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Pence is a typical politician—he’s a deal maker. A schmoozer. A go-along and get-along type. Like Mitch McConnell, he wants to be liked and in the end, he has become the kind of politician he should be fighting. Pence has endlessly and pompously claimed his love for Jesus, but he has behaved more like Judas.

The Democrats stole the election through election fraud. Plain and simple. Pence did not support Trump during the crisis—he sided with the Deep State Swamp establishment, and now he’s not even voting for Trump, making his backstab complete.

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Trump was not a politician when he got elected for his first term. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons he was elected—he was definitely not part of the political establishment. Trump wanted to get the job done, but the politicians he chose to work with him were mostly all like Pence—conniving backstabbers who were part of the Swamp.

Let’s hope Trump has learned his lesson. His next VP had better be more loyal than the white-haired double-crosser.

— Ben Garrison

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