California is not free

Gavin Newsom recently bragged about how free California was compared with Texas and Florida. A lot of people have been leaving California for the latter two states and Newsom wants them to return. He advertised California as having more freedom than other states—specifically Florida. Could it be that Newsom (also known as ‘hairdo’) is doing this simply to draw attention to himself? Will he be challenging Biden for a 2024 presidential run? Probably. Elections are rigged in California and Newsom no doubt thinks the Democrat Party can again rig a presidential election—this time in his favor. 

Is California really more free than Florida? Maybe Newsom was specifically referring to the freedom to have late-term abortions on demand in his state. Or perhaps he was referring to the homeless and how free they are to pitch tents wherever they please. Californians are free to shoot up drugs in public or even defecate on sidewalks. Criminals can commit crimes over and over again and California’s district attorneys will release them back onto the streets to commit those crimes again.

We know Newsom was free enough to not wear a Covid mask while mandating it for all of his citizens.

People and businesses have been fleeing California for many reasons: High taxes across the board, rising power costs, terrible water and land management, failing schools, and collapsing infrastructure. Not to mention California’s growing homeless and crime problems. Newsom’s slick sloganeering and advertising should not fool anyone into coming back.

— Ben Garrison

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