Get Vaxxed – Get Screwed

Cartoon published 01/28/23

James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas only further confirmed what many of us already know:

Big Pharma is hopelessly corrupt.

Pfizer just released a statement ADMITTING that they have been ENGINEERING covid viruses.

In his video, an undercover agent coaxed the truth out of Pfizer employee, Jordan Trishton Walker, who said Pfizer intended to keep their billion dollar Covid cash cow mRNA jabs running by means ‘directed evolution’ of the Covid virus. Endless strains means endless vaccines to sell. Directed evolution is simply a variation of the phrase, ‘gain of function.’ Walker said the original Covid virus was created in the Wuhan bioweapons lab and we already know Fauci funded that lab. (Why isn’t Tony Fauci in prison for mass murder?)

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For over 100 years, everyone has been thoroughly trained (brainwashed) to think vaccines are a wonderful medical technology. A magical, er, scientific cure for what ails us. They’re not. They can be extremely dangerous.

One of the reasons Big Pharma now has immunity from prosecution from vaccine damage to humans goes back to the Reagan era. The vaccine makers were being sued out of existence for their harmful products. Big Pharma lobbied Congress and the politicians obliged. Vaccines were considered to be essential to the nation’s health. They must be protected! Science was under threat! Therefore, a bill was signed that gave the vaccine makers immunity. A vaccine court was created. Instead of suing a company such as Pfizer, the case was taken to a national vaccine court and if the plaintiffs won, the taxpayers would fund the payout. What this meant was Big Pharma was off the hook. They were released from accountability and soon became irresponsible. Money became their prime focus, not our health.


You might say regulatory agencies would be there to protect the American people from dangerous vaccines, but Walker also alluded to something we already knew: The government agencies designed to protect us have become a revolving door for Big Pharma. Their former employees end up working at those agencies, or current officials are rewarded with cushy jobs at Big Pharma later on as a reward for looking the other way.

Combine these advantages with the complicit silence of corporate media means Big Pharma enjoys a medical monopoly. The media ignores negative stories and they definitely won’t do investigative journalism to expose Big Pharma because after all, they rake in a fortune in advertising revenue. Politicians are bought out by large campaign donations. Big Pharma attacks and silences those doctors, scientists and whistleblowers who speak out. At universities, the textbooks used by future doctors say little about vaccine science. They simply tell medical students that vaccines are great and to use them at every turn. Meanwhile, new vaccines are constantly being rolled out and pushed. Big Pharma uses TV commercials and other advertising to ramp up unreasonable fear to get people to take more and more jabs. Children are experiencing skyrocketing rates of autism, ADD, asthma, and other maladies, yet Big Pharma continues to suppress the truth that they are receiving way too many vaccines and some all at once at a very early age—before their natural immunity has a chance to form.

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Big Pharma and their bought-out mainstream media continue to use the pejorative, ‘anti-vaxxer’ to silence nay-sayers. Many of those pointing out the evil of the Covid vaccines will still say “Oh, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I believe in vaccines!” Please don’t call me an anti-vaxxer!”

I’m an anti-vaxxer. The vaccine well has been poisoned. I won’t accept a vaccination of any kind. We can no longer ‘trust the science’ — a science that is corrupted and controlled by those who want to thrust their concoctions directly into our bloodstreams so that they can make billions of dollars. People should be very wary about submitting to those shrill voices that are insisting that you get the next Covid poke. The lowest of those low voices cry for mandatory vaccinations. Don’t forget about all of those who wanted to take your choice and your medical freedom away from you! (Jim Cramer comes to mind). The worst vaccine cheerleader, Bill Gates, has spent billions of dollars to fund the vaccine industry and organizations that push the vaccines. Gates believes there are too many people on the planet that he and his ilk own—they want you dead. Vaccines are a good way to achieve that end.

As for those who already got the Covid shots? Shame on them for fooling you. If you get more shots, shame on you for not paying attention.

— Ben Garrison


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