Getting Away With Murder? Alec Baldwin and Fauci

Cartoon published 04/22/2023

UPDATE: 01/19/2023 Alec Baldwin indicted on 2 counts of manslaughter in fatal Rust shooting. Justice finally?

In 2021, Baldwin shot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of a low-budget western movie called “Rust.” She was taken by helicopter to a hospital, where she died.  Alec claims he didn’t pull the trigger, but there was no way the revolver could have gone off otherwise.

There was already an aura of dissatisfaction on the set due to the low pay. Gun safety was lax on the set and safety complaints were made. The armorer in charge, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, did not do an adequate job of ensuring safety. Alec may have thought he received a prop gun, but he is old and experienced enough to know how to handle guns. What he held in hand was obviously an operational revolver and all he had to do was use the cylinder release switch. Popping open the cylinder would allow him to see the live rounds it contained. This check would only take a few seconds, but he did not do that. The cardinal rule is never point a gun at anyone—even if you know the gun is ‘cold,’ or empty. The first thing all actors should do is not rely on the word of the armorer alone. He failed to provide a final, responsible safety check. Had he done so, a tragic accident would have easily been prevented.


Even still, he’s responsible for a death and new charges might be reinstated at a later date. I’m not entirely sure why they dropped the charges in the first place. Baldwin’s claim that the weapon was altered and put on auto pilot is absurd. Who would do such a thing? How can the gun be timed to go off without Baldwin pulling the trigger? Revolvers simply don’t work that way.

Alec Baldwin back on the set of  ‘Rust’ in Pray, Montana 2023

Another person who got away with murder is Anthony Fauci. He used taxpayer money to fund ‘gain of function’ at the communist Chinese bioweapons lab at Wuhan. He later lied to Congress about that funding. He claimed without scientific data that the virus originated from a nearby ‘wet market’ and not the lab at Wuhan. He was desperate to deflect blame away from himself.

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Fauci grew rich during his rule of his bureaucratic/medical empire. He got to decide where grant money went and therefore got to determine the success of failure of medical scientists and their research. Fauci profited greatly from support of big pharma and royalties. He was the highest-paid bureaucrat in government and now he will receive a ridiculous pension—over $400,000 per year. His is the biggest federal retirement package in U.S. history. He’s being well-rewarded for supporting the medical industrial complex. He’s also being rewarded for his Covid actions, which resulted in the death of millions—due to the virus and the adverse reactions to the mRNA experimental vaccines that did not stop Covid or its spread.

Fauci needs to go to prison.

— Ben Garrison

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