Drug Tests Before The Presidential Debate? Why Not?

Cartoon published 05/20/2024

President Trump recently asked Joe Biden to debate him and everyone’s surprise, Biden accepted Trump’s invitation to debate.

Naturally the Biden regime had many preconditions for the debate against Trump. A Biden friendly network, CNN, a Biden-friendly moderator, Jake Tapper, and the ability to turn off Trump’s sound if he tries to interrupt Joe. Why didn’t Joe’s handlers just ask for 45 to be wheeled out like Hannibal Lector on a dolly. Maybe that’s the next precondition they will demand.

President Trump then came up with a precondition of his own: A drug test before the debate—for both candidates.

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And why not, such transparency would help give credibility to the debates. The one who disagrees with taking the drug test must have something to hide, right Joe?

It’s obvious that President Trump doesn’t want a repeat of the 2024 State of the Union Speech where Joe appeared jacked up like Diddy on a Friday night. Biden yelled at Americans for 90 minutes straight and was definitely on something to make him appear strong and vibrant.

President Trump said Joe was as “high as a kite” during the SOTU speech, which some interpreted as “Get off my lawn, America!”

Stumbling around, falling, saying incomprehensible things, and trying to figure out where to get his next ice cream cone is Joe’s modus operandi. Joe will look sleepy and confused at the podium—especially compared with Trump. To be sure, Biden will need Hunter’s little helpers.

We don’t think Biden will agree to the drug test. He hasn’t agreed to a cognitive test and administration is hiding the video evidence of him mumbling incoherently and forgetfully to prosecutors.

Trump will end up debating Jake Tapper, who has hated and lied about Trump for years. The media will claim Biden won the debate hands down, but at the very least we will have a new crop of memes with which to mock Biden.

—The GrrrTeam

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