Hiking in 2023 Is A Real Drag — Tina Toon

Cartoon published 05/26/2023

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Every day it seems some major brand picks up the sword and commits seppuku. They have seen what happens to other corporations that “get woke and go broke,” and yet they do the same suicidal marketing stunt and then endure massive losses in profits and customer trust.

The Bud Light beer disaster continues unabated. The wholesalers are trying to give cases of Bud Light away for free and there are no takers. No one wants to drink ‘tranny fluid,’ and no amount of Clydesdales galloping down dirt roads is going to bring back their customer base.

Bud Light is swirling down the drain faster than aged milk.

Target just got a taste of the Bud Light treatment when parents caught wind that the big box store was featuring clothing for children 2 to 4 years old, and it was designed by an avowed Satanist and trans-whatever. The clothing features sayings such as “Queer all Year” while pushing the trans mental illness on kids. Parents were outraged—as well they should be—and they pushed back hard. The outrage forced Target to remove the pride collection from the front of the store and move it to some dark corner in the back. Of course, the entire pride collection should be assigned to a dumpster.

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Target is panicking as we speak. Target should be made to realize that any product, book, or clothing item that pushes the trans-woke hive mind is toxic to their corporate brand and bottom line.

One would think that the disastrous examples of Bud Light and Target would alert any sane company to stop and think twice about jumping feet first into the rainbow colored waters…but no. Apparently they favor ‘equity, diversity, and inclusion’ over profits.

Cannon ball!

Here comes the new North Face spokes-thang! It’s a hiking drag queen with a full mustache! Because that’s what you want to see when you go hiking in the great outdoors, a homosexual sashaying down the trail in a tacky, garish rainbow colored mini-dress that would send bears running for cover.

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We don’t see very many “they/thems/whatevers” on the hiking trail, so we are not sure what North Face is thinking. Maybe they are just trying to virtue signal that they are oh so inclusive and tolerant of sexual depravity as they completely ignore their consumer base.

North Face has learned nothing from Target and Bud Light in the last few weeks. Their traditional customers will teach them a lesson. It’s time to boycott them all.


Walmart, “hold my beer…”


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