“This is Hunter, How May I Help You?”

Cartoon published 07/03/2024

Just when you thought the Biden problem couldn’t get any weirder, it turns out Hunter Biden is attending meetings at the White House. That’s right. Joe invited his drug-addled, convicted felon son to hear matters of the state. After all, Joe considers Hunter to be ‘the smartest man I know.”

White House aides have expressed shock, and it must make leaders in the Democrat Party even more nervous. What’s next, will Hunter light up a crack pipe in the Oval Office? He probably already has.

At the debate Joe angrily described Trump as having ‘the morals of an alley cat.’ Trump wisely refused to take the bait. Everyone knows Trump has his flaws, but Joe overlooks his own transgressions, which include having an affair with the family babysitter (and later marrying her) as well as showering with his young daughter. Then he sexually assaulted an aide and told her she could do nothing about it. Biden loves to sniff the hair of children and have them rub his leg hairs. Joe encouraged Hunter to take bribe money from countries hostile to the United States. Joe, ‘the big guy,’ got his ten percent.

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It was also revealed that Joe is only capable of working at the presidency between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and then he fades. Who runs things when Joe is incapacitated. Is it Jill? Maybe Hunter is there to pitch in. President Hunter Biden—Joe must have had that dream for a long while, and wants his son to at least get a taste of power.

Joe Biden is a danger to our country. He is mentally and physically incapable. Joe is a risk to our national security and threat to our Democracy—er, Republic. When Trump was president he was routinely wakened during the middle of the night and he was on the case. Joe doesn’t know where he is, and it’s insulting for him to invite a security risk into meetings at the White House.


After all, Hunter has been bought out by the communist Chinese, and is a convicted felon.

Maybe Joe is giving his son an opportunity to cash in one last time.

— Ben Garrison

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