“Joe and Jill Went Up The Hill”..End Of Quote

Cartoon published 07/02/2024

Many of us knew Joe Biden was more puppet than president. Now, after his disastrous debate performance, everyone knows it—including the Democrats. Most likely Joe has been told what to do by his staffers as well as outside influencers such as Barack Obama and his people. Mostly, he is managed by his wife, Jill.

Joe lost the debate not due to Trump’s sterling performance. Trump simply stood back and watched Biden destroy himself. Afterward, an attempt was made to salvage his image at a rally. There, Joe read from a teleprompter and sounded more coherent. His head swung back and forth like a creaking metronome. That habit came from years of making speeches. He was on autopilot. His speech writer provided the words.

The lights are no, but nobody is home.

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After his speech, Joe’s supporters said, ‘See? He’s still got.” No, he ain’t got it. When forced to think on his feet, there’s simply no there there. When at the White House there are his aides and Jill—who is clearly his manager—as well as the Democrat corporate media who has covered for Joe at every misstep—just like they did for Obama. Biden is an empty husk propped up by the Deep State Swamp and he does their bidding. He puts in 6 real hours as president every day. That’s what they told us, which means it’s more like 4 hours. If that. Remember, he has spent nearly half of his term on vacation.

After the comeback speech, Jill took over and spoke much more forcefully than Joe. She praised Joe for ‘answering all the questions’ as if he were a child who deserved a participation award. Joe stood next to her stiffly, with his familiar vacant expression—he was probably expecting an ice cream cone for his good work.

The Bidone Presidency summed up in one photo

Biden gave an address to the nation after the Supreme Court ruling on presidential immunity. This was another attempt to put Joe on stage to prove to the nation that hs was fit for office.  Joe came out with his face as orange as a pumpkin, someone got the message that Joe looked like a pasty corpse at the debate and went overboard with the bronzer. Then, on cue, at the end of the speech Joe once again read the line “end of quote” from his teleprompter.  Ron Burgundy would be proud.

Orange Man Bad!

The damage to Joe’s reputation is now complete and two things will happen. Joe will step down or Joe will lose in November. To be sure, family members have urged him to stay in the race. Jill wants to remain in the White House and enjoy her position of power. Hunter wants another term for his dad so he can profit from selling influence. He also wants a pardon.

Joe has fallen and many want to pull him up. Far more want him to stay down while his party throws in the towel. 


— The GrrrTeam

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