“Butt- Kissin’ Joe”

As I watched the recent Trump rally last week, I burst out laughing when I heard Trump say Joe Biden was a good Vice President because he understood how to “kiss Obama’s ass”.

How true and how funny!

During Friday’s Patriot’s soapbox appearance on the power hour, we talked about doing a cartoon about this quip and I was volunteered into drawing it.

So, yeah, this could be in bad taste for some folks, but GrrrGraphics is the home of “politically incorrect” cartoons and this ranks up there with the best of them.

Biden’s campaign is done stick a fork in him.

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Hunter Biden just stepped down from the Chinese-backed private equity firm that had $1.5 billion from Chinese. But he will KEEP his money-of course!

Follow the money folks, bread crumbs lead to Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Hillary and then to Obama himself.

Speaking of which, where is Obama hiding?



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