King Dollar-End Of His Reign

Cartoon published 04/16/2023

Nearly 12 years ago I penned a similar cartoon to this one. It featured the sad demise of ‘King Dollar’. The earlier cartoon showed the defeated old King Buck surrounded by his decaying kingdom. The forces of real money, gold and silver, rode triumphantly on horses in the background.

Cartoon Published 2011

When I drew it I couldn’t imagine the dollar lasting much longer. I anticipated the end of the Fed and the return of sound money, gold and silver. I thought this because there had been way too many dollars printed and too much debt had been accrued. What I didn’t take into consideration was the fact that ‘King Dollar’ was also the world’s reserve currency. That gave it staying power. Other countries sold us goods and services and the US paid them in dollars. What a deal. America’s manufacturing base was sent overseas. Mom and pop stores disappeared in favor of globalist box stores. We continued to pay Saudi Arabia for our oil in dollars. With the world’s reserve currency, America had a tremendous advantage and it leveraged that advantage into an empire. The US started wars and dominated weaker countries. Leaders who wanted a return to a gold-back currency while resisting the dollar’s dominance were overthrown and killed.

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Real money, gold and silver, continued to be controlled by the dollar on the commodity exchanges. Contracts for the precious metals were paid off in dollars. Gold and silver went sideways for over a decade since I drew that original cartoon.


Now things are changing. The ‘BRICS’ countries, (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) are rejecting the dollar. Many other countries are eager to join them. Selling their dollars and sending them back means increased inflation in the USA—and inflation is already out of control. Anyone who goes food shopping already knows that. It will get worse. The Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates even higher to counter inflation, but that will mean more failed banks. Too many banks are leveraged with commercial real estate, which is already struggling mightily. Higher rates means loan failures and bank closures. Higher rates will be terrible for the economy in general—nobody will be able to afford to buy a house or car. Those markets will collapse.

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Biden helped hasten the dollar’s demise. He and his Marxist Democrat party have printed dollars in the trillions, thus causing inflation. They’ve also made sure that well over 100 billion dollars got sent to a con man in Ukraine, not to mention the threat of World War III. The sanctions against Russia and seizure of their dollar assets have only weakened the faith of those supporting the dollar. The US government threatens to seize money from those they don’t like—including citizens. (Trudeau already did this against the trucker protest). This creates a reluctance to hold the dollar. Many are deserting the dollar in favor of hard assets such as gold and silver (and ammo).

The collapse of the dollar won’t mean we will be liberated from the tyranny of the central bankers. The Federal Reserve globalists want the dollar replaced with a ‘Central Bank Digital Dollar,’ (CBDC).

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They will then be able to remove dollar ‘credits’ from citizens’ bank accounts if they detect improper behavior. The Fed will determine what we can buy. For example, if we buy too much ammo, accounts will be flagged. Those deemed to be ‘terrorists’ because they resist the new globalist banker tyranny will lose it all and be forced to live on the margins of society. Nobody will ‘own’ the fruits of their labor again. The CBDC essentially turns everyone into slaves. This has already occurred to a certain degree with the Fed’s current debt currency. The IRS can seize your bank account without just cause, but they can’t tell you what you can buy.

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The CBDC will allow globalists such as Klaus Schwab to acquire that power. He wants you to own nothing and be happy, but he’s the one who will be happy—not you.

— Ben Garrison


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