Lemon Drops and RINOS

CNN’s well-paid talking head, Don Lemon, has been on a downward spiral lately. He lost his prime time slot and now he continues to put his left(ist) foot in his mouth. His latest gaffe was a whopper. He attacked the 51 year-old Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley, whom he pronounced to be ‘past her prime.’ These days, that’s definitely a sexist and misogynist comment and Lemon has been roundly rebuked for it. He’s been forced to attend sensitivity training sessions as punishment.

To me it proves that Lemon is not much of a speaker when it comes to on-air casual conversations. He’s at his best when he adheres to well-scripted talking points. Then he becomes a well-polished, silken liar. The problem was, CNN was losing its audience, so they made changes and shook Lemon out of his prime slot. Another screw up and Lemon might be out of a job completely.

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It was actually good publicity for Nikki Haley, who took it all in graceful stride. Haley was the first female governor of South Carolina and later was appointed by Trump to be the 29th United States Ambassador to the United Nations. At first, Haley did not support Trump during his 2016 presidential run. She favored Rubio, then Cruz before voting for Trump. Now she’s running against Trump.


I don’t think she has much of a chance and she’ll might soon have plenty of competition as other Republicans hopefuls mull over their possible campaigns. A crowded field will be good for Trump, just as it was in 2016.

My impression is Haley is more of a uni-party candidate. If he was still alive, McCain would probably throw his support her way. Haley is just George Bush in heels.

She will attract support from the likes of Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell, and Mitt Romney as well as all the other ‘never Trumpers’ in the Republican Party—especially if DeSantis doesn’t run. She might be another candidate’s choice for Vice President, but not Trump’s. In fact, after the so-called January 6 ‘riot,’ Haley predicted Trump would never run for office again. Wrong.

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She’s also wrong about the war in Ukraine. She thinks it’s a ‘war about freedom.’ NO! It’s a war to expand NATO and globalist interests which includes control of Russia. She’s wrong about identity politics and in fact, she could easily be a neo-liberal Democrat. In which case, Don Lemon looks even more silly for his attack on her. He did so only because she has an ‘R’ after her name. Too many in the corporate media are ready to hand out swastika arm bans, KKK hoods, and Confederate flags to Republican candidates. Their job is to smear and lie.

A good example: An MSNBC commentator, Wajahat Ali, smeared Haley as an “alpha Karen with brown skin” and the “perfect Manchurian candidate” for white supremacists and racists. I wonder if he knew both of her parents were from India? Also, her skin does not even look all that brown to me. Many of us on the right want to avoid talking about race altogether, but for the ‘woke’ Marxist Democrats, everything is about race, division, and identity politics.

It will be an interesting presidential race and I plan on drawing a lot of cartoons. Stay tooned!

— Ben Garrison


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