Find Someone who loves you like Lindsey Graham Loves War

Cartoon published 05/17/2024

Lindsey Graham wants to wipe out Iran, hinting that he wanted them nuked into oblivion. This is not just reckless advice from the senior South Carolina Senato—it’s outright insanity.

The obviously weak chickenhawk recommended a show of strength when he told Biden’s Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin to wipe Iran off the map. However, Lindsey’s window for nuking Iran has now closed because the Persian country announced they now had nuclear weapons. So much for Obama’s feeble attempt to prevent from happening by placating Iran to the tune of billions of dollars. Iran predictably remained un-placated. It’s not up to the US or Israel to bomb Iran at this point. It’s up to the Iranian people to rise up and throw off the mullahs who control their country. America needs to stop being the world’s policeman. Send those police to our southern border instead.

Bombing Iran is something RINO Republicans have long advocated. John McCain even sang a song about bombing Iran. To be sure, Iran uses the money Obama traitorously gave them to fund the anti-Israel Hezbollah terrorists, but bombing Iran will only widen a conflict and cost millions of lives. America should stay out of it.

Lindsey also obliquely suggested that Israel should nuke Hamas guerrillas in Gaza. What’s wrong with this man? Why do his constituents in South Carolina keep voting for him?

Sean Hannity on Fox News initially banged the war drums for Ukraine so loudly that he busted his knuckles. He’s toned it down—he must have gotten the message that Americans do not want to widen such a war that does not serve America’s interests. Stay out of it—why does NATO need to constantly absorb and assimilate other countries in a Borg-like manner? Ukraine is not a democracy and it does not belong in NATO. It has always been associated with the Russian sphere. Zelensky himself grew up speaking Russian. It’s not worth a world-extinguishing nuclear war. Nor is Iran or Gaza. Like Hannity, Graham needs to take tone down his rhetoric.


If Senator Graham is so adamant about bombing Iran, Gaza, as well as the Russians, let him go over there and do it. 

— Ben Garrison

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