Memorial Day 2024

Cartoon published 05/27/2024

We remember all the fallen American servicemen and women who gave their lives defending this Republic. 

With deep gratitude, we reflect on those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives. They paid the price so we can enjoy living free in America. Those men that never became fathers or husbands and the women who never became mothers laid down their lives serving the country.

This Memorial Day is even more important in 2024 because we are being governed by a lawless regime that disrespects and outright hates our Republic. They are working against Americans and the Constitution everyday.  Joe Biden disrespected our fallen servicemen and women when he honored a thug that OD-ed on fentanyl during the Memorial Day weekend. Biden is pushing against the flag that was raised on Iwo Jima. The man has no shame as he continues to lie and destroy America.

On this Memorial Day, be sure to fly your flags in honor of those who died defending our country—and be ready for this country to regain its glory in November.

God Bless America

—The GrrrTeam

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