“The Naked Gun, The Final Insult”

Starring Hunter Biden

Cartoon published 06/05/2024

The first day of Hunter Biden’s federal gun trial was a significant event, marked by several key moments and details. The trial is the first of its kind, involving the child of a sitting U.S. president. Hunter Biden is facing charges related to lying on a federal form about his drug use when he purchased a firearm in 2018.

The jury selection process was extensive, resulting in a diverse 12-member panel—some had relatives with drug problems. Opening statements from both the prosecution and defense were heard. The prosecution emphasized Hunter Biden’s struggles with addiction and his alleged lies on the federal form, while the defense argued that the prosecution must prove Hunter Biden knowingly lied. The prosecutor said ’No one is above the law,’ a statement usually spouted by Democrats. 

The first witness, FBI agent Erika Jensen, testified about Hunter Biden’s drug use and large cash withdrawals around the time of the gun purchase. The prosecution used excerpts from Hunter Biden’s memoir, read by himself, to support their case. The defense, on the other hand, focused on the lack of messages in October 2018, the month the gun was purchased, to argue that Hunter Biden was not actively abusing drugs at that time.

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As for unexpected surprises, the trial itself is unprecedented, given the defendant’s relationship to the sitting U.S. president. The presence of the first lady and other family members in the courtroom was also noteworthy.

The prosecutors had Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop was introduced as evidence, proving once again that Hunter’s laptop was real and not a “Russian hoax.” However, it was not turned on and it remain cloaked in plastic.

Hunter Biden’s trial is taking place in a Biden friendly state, Delaware, with a Biden sympathetic jury and judge. Compare this to President Trump’s recent trial in hostile territory, New York City, with a biased judge and jury.

Our two tier justice system is displayed for all to see.

Hunter Biden needs to stay sober and keep his clothes on. No one wants to see his “Naked Gun.”

—The GrrrTeam

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