“OUR Democracy-Not YOURS”

We constantly hear politicians these days—especially Democrats—say “Our Democracy” when referring to America.

The problem is, it’s not true. Our country was founded as a Republic, not a democracy. The word ‘democracy’ does not appear in our Constitution. The founding fathers were wary of democracy. They knew democracies were dangerous and unstable. They end up leading to totalitarianism. It’s why Karl Marx stated, “Democracy is the road to socialism.” When you hear our politicians say ‘our democracy,’ what they really mean is ‘our socialism.’

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In democracies, the people will vote for free stuff by means of stripping others of their private property. Our Republic was designed to protect individual rights. Under a democracy people will vote away such protection in favor of collective safety nets, bread and circuses, and big government control. We saw it happen in Venezuela. They used their democracy to vote for socialism and they all ended up equally poor and miserable under totalitarian rule.

The Democrats glibly repeat ‘our democracy’ at every turn, but they did not hesitate to steal a presidential election. Apparently the votes of Trump voters didn’t count. They were not part of the democracy owned by Democrats. Instead, Trump supporters were smeared as ‘insurrectionists,’ ‘white supremacists,’ or even ’terrorists.’ If they continue to strip us of our freedoms while forcing socialism down our gullets, then sure…many of us are going to push back.

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The Socialist Democrats are the true insurrectionists and they should be resisted just as the Canadian truckers are resisting the tyrants in Ottawa. The Socialist Democrats are the real terrorists. They created tremendous fear during the fake pandemic. Fear of losing one’s employment unless dangerous (sometimes deadly) experimental injections were taken. That’s terrorism.

The Democrats insist that we count every vote and every vote counts, but to them it means counting illegal votes and votes from illegals. As we slide down the slippery slope toward democracy, we may find it impossible to restore the Republic. Ancient Rome certainly couldn’t do it.


If you can’t refrain from using the word democracy, at the very least call the United States a “Democratic Republic.”

— Ben Garrison

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