Vote Blue No matter who even if they are dead

Biden has given us the highest inflation in 40 years, a flood of drugs through the wide open borders and crime rates that keep skyrocketing.

Seven in ten Americans feel that the country is headed in the wrong direction.

Yet we still have people that are voting Democrat. They are the uniformed, brainwashed people who listen to the fake news and believe every lie that drools out of Biden’s mouth. They are tired of the high food prices, the $5 a gallon gas and the surge of violent crime in blue cities, but that won’t stop them for voting for their own misery by putting America hating Democrats in office.

Pennsylvania Democrat voters actually elected a dead person. Twice. Braindead Fetterman won the senate seat also. This truly is an example of the saying “vote blue no matter who” which should now be changed to “vote blue no matter dead or alive.” (Oh, and election fraud helps too.)

Democrats, of course, used the same cheating methods that served them well in the stolen 2020 election. 

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Many times we have said you can’t expect a fair election if nothing is fixed from 2020. Some red states have made changes, look at Florida for example. Governor Ron DeSantis banned mail in ballots, banned ballot harvesting, and Florida requires voter ID.  DeSantis even created an election integrity police force and has made arrests.

Florida is the template for other states to follow.

As Biden struts around claiming victory in the midterms because of his polices and leadership, everyone knows the real truth.

The Democrats lost. They didn’t lose as badly as people predicted they would, but a loss is a loss. The Republican goal was to take back the House and Senate. Republicans have 210 in the House, Democrats 192 as of this posting.

There was a red wave. You are being gaslighted.

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You can’t spin that. The Democrats lost the House. Nancy Pelosi has been fired and will probably move into her Florida mansion and get hammered. Well, Paul will.

Democrats lost the House, and they may end up losing the Senate too. The Georgia Senate race is going to a run off on December 6th.

But don’t tell that to the Democrat tribal cult members. Because in their minds, Democrats are winning, Biden is coherent and Fetterman is presidential material. (Yes, that last one is real.)



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