Time to Jazz it up

Earlier this year there was a Red Pill Expo event in Rapid City, South Dakota. I decided to go, even though it was at the far reaches of my driving range. Sure, I could have easily taken a plane, but I didn’t want to be forced to wear a mask. Besides, I wanted to see some sights along the way.

But I digress.

I read G. Edward Griffin’s book, “The Creature from Jekyll Island” many years ago. It helped open my eyes about what the Federal Reserve was all about. I began drawing anti-Federal Reserve cartoons as a result.

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I was very impressed with the excellent speakers at the Red Pill Expo. I went in thinking I already knew a lot about all the topics. I was wrong. I learned a great deal there and it was terrific to meet like-minded people in person such as Kent Heckenlively, who is an energetic author of many best selling books. I shook Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s hand, I didn’t get to shake G. Edward Griffin’s hand because he was always surrounded by a lot of admirers. It made me happy to see that. There were a lot more attendees there than I expected. The Red Pill Expo continues to gain followers.

When I was asked if I would draw a cartoon for their next program, I naturally agreed. I want to help truth tellers who, like me, want to protect our Republic and Constitution.

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To all my friends and followers in east Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Mississippi. I can tell you that the November 6-7 Expo at Lafayette Louisiana is well worth a long drive. You’ll find yourself energized, enthralled, and sometimes appalled as the speakers explain what’s really going on.

Many of us talk about how we need to unite against the evil we’re now facing. The Expo is a great way of doing that. I heartily recommend that you attend the event if you can. If you can’t, you can still attend the Red Pill Expo online. You can register and check everything out by clicking on this link:


— Ben Garrison 

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