It’s Time To Restore Election Integrity

Cartoon published 01/30/2023

Without fair elections, our Republic is imperiled.

The true voice of We The People is nullified by electoral corruption. It no longer matters how loudly we complain or how much we support candidates who want to fight for us and protect our freedom if the voting in contested key states is controlled by one party. It often boils down to corruption in a few large precincts within those key states. 

When I was a young man, elections were decided on election night. Paper ballots were used. They were quickly tabulated and we all knew the winners before bedtime. This is no longer the case. High tech has been injected into the elections in the form of hackable voting machines. In addition, there is early voting, mail-in ballots, ballot ‘harvesting’ from questionable voting rolls, and drop boxes. As a result, we have a confusing shell game during the count with long and suspicious delays. We saw it occur when President Trump ran against Biden in the 2020 presidential election. Trump had a solid lead, but then there were mysterious late-night counting delays in the key states. When counting resumed, Biden had the lead. His tally inexplicably went straight up and he defeated Trump.

There were many irregularities and eyewitnesses to election fraud, but nothing happened. The courts refused to get involved. Those who complained were labeled ‘election deniers’ by Democrats. During the 2022 midterms, we saw the pattern play out again. There were long counting delays, which led to sudden leads for Democrats. Corporate media said Republicans had no one to blame but themselves because they had fielded ‘extreme MAGA’ candidates. The ‘uniparty’ RINO establishment within the party agreed. 

The most egregious cheating took place in Arizona. Republican Kari Lake was projected to be the winner in the state’s race for governor, but voting machines curiously malfunctioned and key precincts long delayed the vote count. Many votes for Lake were rejected. Her claims of election fraud were rejected by the corporate media as being ‘conspiracy theories.’ 

Voters are losing trust in our election system. We need reform. One patriot who is stepping up to help put an end to the corruption is a Texan named Seth Keshel. Also known as ‘Captain K,’ Keshel is an MBA, is a former Army Captain of Military Intelligence, and Afghanistan veteran. 

Captain Keshel has formulated a 10-point plan that will ensure true election integrity:

1.   Clean out the voter rolls.
2.   Ban all electronic elections equipment
3.   Voter ID with paper ballots only
4.   Ban mail-in voting
5.   Ban early voting
6.   Drastically smaller precincts
7.   Ban ballot harvesting
8.   Election day is a holiday
9.   New reporting requirements for transparency
10. Heavy prison sentences for all who commit fraud

Captain K deserves everyone’s attention and support. Follow his videos and help him obtain more reach on social media.

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— Ben Garrison

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