Revenge Of The Nerd- Bill Gates

Cartoon published 06/21/2024

Bill Gates is a squeaky-voiced nerd. He has never been comfortable around regular people—he prefers to be around the so-called ‘elite.’ One example was his good friend, Jeffrey Epstein. 

Bill has a naturally disheveled look to him. During his early days at Microsoft he was a skinny nerd—and a demanding, and generally horrible boss who did not hesitate to insult his employees. Gates might have been being bullied as a child, hence his desire to get even. Now he’s an aging, sweater-wearing nerd with man boobs—and he wants to get even with the entire world. 

Paul Allen and Bill Gates were responsible for Microsoft’s success, but Bill in particular was the sharp businessman who insisted their software be released—glitches and all–in order to beat their competition. Gates figured the bugs could always be fixed later.

Gates never had a likable image among people—even if they used his software. After all, he was a nerd—and a cruel one at that. To improve his image he started The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It was designed to give some money away to good causes. This is what the original Rockefeller did when he realized he was one of the most hated men in America. So Bill and his wife proceeded to give money away to build hospitals, bridges, theaters, and schools. Oh wait, no he didn’t do that. He decided to fund ventures that involved public health and in particular, vaccines. He created many organizations such as GAVI (Global Alliance for Vaccines and Inoculations), which promotes shots for everyone in the world. Gates always has a monetary stake in the sales of such shots.

The funny thing is…The Gates Foundation doesn’t really give away a lot of money. Instead Bill Gates gets richer. He made a cool $3 billion profit from the Covid vaccines. Turns out he invests in companies and initiatives he likes, then convinces governments to pitch in and help fund them. His Foundation is mostly a PR vehicle designed to make him look warm and fuzzy. In reality, he’s cold and calculating. He likes raking in even more billions of dollars while pretending to be giving it away. Some philanthropist!

But it gets worse. He’s not only responsible (along with Fauci) for making sure people took experimental (and deadly) Covid vaccines, but he also pushed masks, social distancing, and lockdowns. He admired the brutal lockdowns in communist China. Is he Bill Gates or Big Brother Bill Gates? He favors force and tyranny.

Gates never had to worry about money. His mother was top executive at a bank and his father was a prominent lawyer. Both were Seattle progressives who promoted Planned Parenthood. Like his parents, Bill thinks there are too many people in the world, and he desires to reduce the human population. He thinks he can achieve this by making them healthier by means of vaccines. Wait. What?

He has invested in mosquito research, ostensibly to eliminate the diseases they cause, but genetically modifying them could produce unexpected and highly dangerous side effects. He also talked about modifying mosquitoes to make them deliver vaccines. I really hope this is apocryphal, but it sure sounds like something he’d like to do.

We all know Bill is a fervent and drum-beating member of the climate cult. He claims the climate is changing due to too much man-made carbon dioxide, which is heating up the atmosphere. His solution? Blot out the sun! He wants to release chemicals in the lower stratosphere, which will reflect sunlight away from the Earth, thus cooling it. What could go wrong? Failed crops? Never fear. Bill wants to control our food, too. He already owns a tremendous lot of farmland and with the help of his partner Monsanto, he now controls a most of the seeds. He wants us eating his GMO crops. He wants us to eat Frankenfood including fake meat, bugs, and the genetically modified crops. He doesn’t seem to care about any side effects because after all, he is in a hurry—his life is now on the wane and he wants results. NOW! Just like when he was the boss at Microsoft. Just do it and if something goes wrong, it can be fixed later.

Except he’s dealing with humans, not software. Humans die and can’t be upgraded. The Earth might not react well to the sun being blocked out and the proliferation of his GMO plants everywhere might be dangerous to the environment and certainly dangerous to eat. Plants that kill bugs might do weird things to digestive systems. Gates doesn’t care. He’s about dominating humans. He wants to put ‘em in his smart cities so they can be tracked, controlled, enslaved and forced vaccinated.

The most dangerous man on Earth could very well be Bill Gates. In fact, he’s a monster who visited Epstein’s ‘Orgy Island.’ He’s not qualified to dictate health policy to any of us. He’s not a virologist or medical specialist. He doesn’t even have a college degree. What he does have is money and he uses it to buy politicians and media—including social media influence to make sure few object to his dangerous agenda. 

Gates is extracting his revenge by means of money and influence. He is unelected, but like Soros, he has far more power than most politicians. He may be smart, but he lacks wisdom. He certainly does not deserve our applause for his so-called ‘benevolence.’ He deserves another pie in the face.

— Ben Garrison

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