RFK Jr. Challenges Joe Biden

Cartoon published 04/06/2023

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. tossed his hat in the presidential ring yesterday. He was immediately and shamelessly attacked and smeared by the corporate propaganda media for being ‘dangerous’ and ‘anti-vaccine.’ 

Do an internet search and you’ll see they how the media machine is marshaled against him. “Anti-Vaxxer” precedes is name in nearly every search instance. Here is just one example of anti-RFK Jr. propaganda-laden so called ‘news’ article spewed by “The Seattle Times,” a declining leftist rag and globalist shill of dangerous and ineffective mRNA COVID vaccines (that have killed millions). The
socialist echo chamber of a newspaper even made sure they worked in their pejorative anti-vaccine talking point into their headline:

Notice also how the ‘Times’ still criticizes Ivermectin, a drug proven safe and effective against respiratory diseases. They state it’s something meant only for parasites (horse paste). Their reporting is at rock barrel bottom.But I digress. Does RFK Jr. have a chance? Of course he does. The Democrats offer no other viable candidates.

Marianne Williamson? She means well, but she has no support. Big Mike’s name gets floated around, but she hates America and most of America hates her. Kamala Harris? She’s despised even more than Michelle Obama. Buttigieg? He proved himself to be completely incompetent and focussed only on ‘woke’ issues. Joe Biden? He has been a complete embarrassment and utter disaster for our country.China Joe certainly cannot measure up to RFK Jr. because for one thing Biden cannot compete with the Kennedy mystique.

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Is there a Biden mystique? No. He’s a mean, doddering, old corrupt fool who like Michelle, hates America. In a way, RFK Jr. envisions a ‘Make America Great Again’ approach in his own way. The Kennedy name and money will help him as much as Trump benefited from his name and money. RFK Jr.’s uncle was the president and remains beloved. His father maybe less so, but he was the leading candidate in the 1968 presidential election when he was murdered.

JFK was murdered by the CIA because he wanted to break up that agency. Allen Dulles was the chief of the CIA back then and he despised Kennedy. After the Cuban Bay of Pigs disaster, Kennedy fired Dulles, but the latter still wielded power from behind the scenes. The kind of ’secret cabal’ power Eisenhower warned us about. Kennedy also wanted to restore sound money and free our nation from the Federal Reserve by printing greenbacks similar to what Lincoln did. Unfortunately LBJ took over and drove silver out of circulation, while driving thousands of young men to their deaths in Vietnam. LBJ was about pleasing the Military Industrial Complex and the rapidly-growing Swamp.

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Nearly all democrats are pro-war these days, but not RFK Jr. He’s old school. This is what the Democrat Party needs to survive. It needs to reject insane woke socialism and the servicing of globalist billionaires and instead return to the party to one representing the working man and freedom—especially freedom of speech.

I digress again. The last in his famous family to run for president was Senator Edward Kennedy, who competed against Carter in 1980 and flopped. His reputation was destroyed by the Chappaquiddick scandal and his own bumbling, stuttering incompetence. He was competent enough to reign as the bloated ‘Lion of the Senate’ for many years however, and he did much damage—including the implementation of destructive immigration policies.

Again, RFK Jr. is different. He’s much smarter than his uncle Teddy and he had the focused discipline to pursue scientific scholarship and study vaccines for many years. You’ll notice the media cannot refute his research; they can only smear him. His recent book, “The Real Anthony Fauci” exposed a criminal bureaucrat, but somehow the corporate media still supports Fauci in the face of many damning facts.In addition to warning us about medical tyranny, RFK Jr. is also anti-establishment, anti-war, and anti-corruption.

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Unfortunately he has bought into the climate change bunk and other misguided Democrat causes. He voted for Hillary. He also has a medical problem with his larynx that forces him to speak in a gravelly voice. How will he be able to yell out speeches on the campaign trail? That remains to be seen. I support Trump, but RFK Jr. is now the best candidate the Democrat Party has seen in a long while.

— Ben Garrison


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