President Trump has returned and he’s determined to take out all the anti-American varmints, RINOs, Uni-Party city slickers, and green-new-deal-horns in the Republican Party.

At CPAC 2023, Sheriff Trump gave a barn burner of a speech on Saturday night. The townsfolk at CPAC were riled up in a good way and cheered their MAGA Sheriff with thunderous applause.

The Sheriff is back. Trump won the CPAC straw poll for President by 62%. Deputy DeSantis limped in at second place with only 20%—and the other varmints didn’t even place.

With a steely glint in his eye, Sheriff Trump vowed to round up the corrupt RINO rustlers and election thieves. These vile criminals will face a long sentence or worse as the sheriff brings back law and order across the nation. If you listen hard enough, you can hear the hammering of justice. That’s the construction of gallows across the country. Hang ‘em high!


It will be a rip-roaring good time as Sheriff Trump rounds up the lawless RINOs and jackasses in the criminal government and marches them off to face justice—real justice, not a two-tier justice system.

As high noon 2024 approaches, Sheriff Trump is ready for his showdown with the evil and addled election-stealing crook, Yellow Stain Joe Biden.  Old Joe may be mentally and physically dried up as a withered tumbleweed, but he knows when the clock strikes high noon—and he knows it means his days as an election-stealing crook are over.  Sheriff Trump will run the Marxist Obama gang out of DC and put them straight into GITMO where they belong.

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America will be safe again once the Obama gang is rounded up and justice is served.  The woke jokes will be run out of town and Lady G’s Drag Queen Cabaret will be closed forever. Little girls can be little girls again and little boys can go back to being little boys. American streets will be safe for decent folk once again as law and order under Sheriff Trump returns. Rope neckties will be back in style for drug dealers and pedofiles.

America will be strong again. America will be prosperous again.

America will be  great again!

Trump 2024

—The GrrrTeam

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We are fundraising for 2023, You can keep GrrrGraphics online with a purchase! 

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