Happy Black History Month Now Hit That Crack Pipe!

More proof the government wants you stupid, unhealthy and now high. You’re just there for them to corral into voting Democrat every few years.

The racist in chief wants those black votes. (Remember you ain’t black if you don’t vote for Biden)  In the Biden regime’s racist view of black Americans, you ain’t black unless you are jumpin’ and hustling to vote Democrat. The Democrats scream that Republicans are racist constantly. Those that scream “racist” the loudest are usually the real racists.

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Does the government REALLY care about your health? Obviously no, considering they want to use us for lab rats to test a gene altering drug that they call a “vaccine”.  And smoke some crack while you’re at it too.

That will make you even “healthier”.

The Biden regime that wants to spend 30 million on passing out free crack pipes says they are doing this to advance “racial equity.”  Where are they passing these “free” crack pipes out at?  The suburbs of Dallas? Martha’s Vineyard?   Nope. The “underserved communities” or what they were called in the 70’s, the gettos.

Sounds pretty racist to me using today’s definition.

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This is supposed to help people? No it isn’t. This is supposed to keep you locked in position and pacified until the next election.

Funny how the government can pass out crack pipes but NOT ivermectin or HCQ.

Happy Black History Month From the Biden Regime..and pass the crack pipe!



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