“Targeting Children”

Cartoon published 05/31/2023

Budweiser and Target are losing billions of dollars because they vigorously marketed trans nonsense. Their customers are boycotting them.

The vast majority of us now lack a real say over political matters. Elections are rigged and the politicians are turncoats.

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Still, we do have the power to snap our purses and wallets shut when we’re asked to patronize businesses that push the sexualization of children. Target marketed clothing lines for babies and small children that came with LGBTQ+ slogans and endless rainbows. Their customers objected, so Target moved their display to the back of the store. Since they’re now losing monumental amounts of money, we’ve heard they may eliminate the items altogether and that has triggered outrage from the likes of Trudeau (Castro’s son), Gavin Newsom, and Joe Biden. The latter said trans people ‘are the soul of the nation.’ No they’re not, you demented old liar.

A man cannot become a woman and vice versa. That’s a proven biological fact, Jack. To think otherwise is embracing a delusion. Stop forcing Americans—and especially American children— to participate in that delusion.


The boycott of Bud Light trans juice has been wondrously successful. Let’s keep it going. It’s time to boycott any corporation that pushes the trans nonsense on us all—but especially on our children. Hold them accountable.

Boycott them. Boycott the LA Dodgers for honoring anti-Christian trans freaks. Boycott North Face. Boycott anyone pushing drag queen story hours on kids. J’ever notice how those satanic, pedophile drag queens never perform in old folks homes and such? No! It’s always in schools and children’s sections in libraries.

It’s about grooming children.

Now we’re hearing Chick-fil-a is going woke. They are embracing the socialist ‘DIE’ agenda (Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity). That’s too bad—we have enjoyed their chicken sandwiches, but some matters are too important, so no more Chick-fil-A for lunch.

LG Boycott TQ+ !!


Remember they can’t “force” you to shop at Target or Kohls They can’t “make” you drink a Bud Light or buy a jacket from Northface. That is YOUR choice and a powerful weapon. Vote with your dollars and buy NON woke! For more info-take that first step at patriotswitch.com/grrrgraphics

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