Apparently it’s no longer safe for Trump-supporting conservatives to visit certain parts of California without facing a torrent of obscenity and violence.

Today, the campaigning Republican congressional candidate Rudy Peters was confronted by a whack job who attacked him and pulled out a switchblade. Fortunately it malfunctioned. A scuffle ensued and he was apprehended later by the police. The switchblade was confiscated. Peter’s opponent, Swalwell, released a tweet condemning the act, as he should.

This act of violence could have been inspired by a what happened a few days in ago in Brazil. There, a popular Trump-like candidate was grievously injured by a knife weilding socialist. Or it could have been inspired by our own left-leaning legacy media who beat their anti-Trump drums with steady vigor. Trump is called all sorts of names by them—‘divisive,’ ‘racist,’ ‘bigot’ and even compared to Hitler. This encourages celebrities to make profanity-laded threats of violence against our president. Others, such Antifa, carry out real acts of violence. It’s no longer safe to wear a ‘MAGA’ hat in many California cities. It invites barbarity from kooks such as the one who attacked Rudy Peters.
—Ben Garrison
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