Haters Gonna Hate

Cartoon published 05/03/2024

While watching the protests that have sprouted at colleges throughout the country, I noticed many students suddenly began wearing Palestinian clothing—almost in unison. Their faces were nearly completely covered to protect their identities should they decide to smash windows or pull down statues. They also seemed to have been coached—they turned their backs on media or provided rote answers. Who provided them with that coaching? Who provided them the gear? Who provided them with the expensive tents? Who is funding the professional protestors discovered to be among the students?

We know George Soros is partially responsible, but there should be an investigation into who is backing these protests—many have not been peaceful and some of the protestors have blocked Jewish students from their classrooms. When this occurs it’s no longer about free speech, but rather criminal activity.


It took Biden a long while to react to the widespread protests and when he did he took both sides. He condemned both anti-semitism and ‘Islamophobia.’ I didn’t see anyone there protesting against Hamas, Iran, or Hezbollah, but perhaps Biden wants to offend neither Jews nor Muslims because he needs their votes. He may not get them by sitting on the fence. This was Biden’s “There are good people on both sides” moment.

Biden looks weak. College administrators look weak. The pro-Hamas student protestors probably had weak parents who always caved to their wishes. They are spoiled brats who are encouraged to spit their anti-Jewish and anti-American venom and destroy things until they encounter someone strong enough to put a stop to it. Someone such as Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, we wouldn’t be surprised if the protests morph into riots over the summer. Instead of BLM it’s now PLM—Palestinian Lives Matter. More chaos and violence will only hurt the Democrats further, but they are spoiled brats too, and nobody can stop them from throwing their anti-Trump tantrums.

— Ben Garrison

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