“You Knew I was A Snake Before You Let Me In….”

Snakes left to right:

Macron, France-  Andrews, Morrison, Australia – Trudeau, Canada- Ardern, New Zealand- Johnson, UK- Biden, US.

Every day I read stories about people from all walks of life who have suddenly dropped dead.

All of them died after receiving recent experimental gene therapy injections. You’ll never hear corporate media tie those deaths to the Covid jabs. That’s because their job is to protect their advertisers—the vaccine makers. Still, the truth can still be found on the Internet—just not on any major social media outlet. They also protect Big Pharma. This isn’t about science or keeping people healthy and ’safe.’ It’s about money and power and many are starting to realize that.

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Formerly free countries such as Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, and the United States continue down a dystopian path that leads toward absolute tyranny. Increasingly, our former freedoms cannot be had without vaccine passports, and now they’re talking about implantable chips. That’s what this has been about all along—tracking everyone’s movements and activities at all times. Those who resist getting the dangerous jabs are demonized and shunned. Those who do get the jabs risk blood clots, strokes, and heart attacks. There will be endless boosters, so it’s a sure bet that this will all get worse.

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The big ‘emperor with no clothes’ moment occurs when people realize the Covid vaccines are neither safe nor effective. They don’t work. Bill Gates even admitted it, yet he still pushes for universal vaccination. Not only does he make billions more bucks from the murderous jabs, but he also obtains satisfaction from seeing humanity getting culled. That’s right—Gates is a sadistic fiend who wants more humans removed from the planet he and his fellow centi-billionaires own. It’s THEIR planet. They own it.

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It’s time to push back against the insanity. Do not succumb to the pressure to get the Covid vaccines. If you have to lose your job, you lose your job. That’s better than losing your life!

(NOTE: This cartoon was inspired by an ancient Greek sculpture known as “Laocoön and His Sons.” I left out the sons.) 

— Ben Garrison

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