Campus Chaos Continues—Joe Biden’s America

Cartoon published 05/01/2024  Tina Toon

What we have seen unfolding on college campuses across the country is being urged by violent cultural Marxist agitators who have been brainwashed by the very colleges at which they’re protesting.

Joe Biden’s solution to the violent pro-Palestine protests? He wants to import millions of violent Palestinian ‘refugees!’ Like George Soros, Biden wants America as we know it destroyed.

Many thousands of the students at Columbia are foreign-born. How many are terrorists in training? The 1960s protestors rightfully objected to the insane war in Vietnam. Today’s protestors want war against Israel—they want all Jews murdered—“From the river to the sea.” The protests being carried out by paid agitators are inciting violence against Jews. They are being funded by people such as Soros who is eager to fan the flames of chaos.


The empty-headed brats encountered no adult supervision, so naturally they will ramp up their violence until they meet resistance. The New York Police finally had to step in and stop the madness.

This morning key information about what happened broke.

The criminals who seized Hamilton Hall at Columbia were outside agitators, not students.

300 were arrested at Columbia University overnight, the majority of whom are not students.

People do not yet realize just how much money and resources the leftwing activists networks have. They are behind BLM. They are behind Antifa brigades. They are behind the pro-Hamas encampments.

H/T Charlie Kirk

Some have said the students are just exercising their freedom of speech. Don’t you support free speech?

We do support free speech, but when protests turn into violent mobs that are destroying property and harassing students because of their race or religion, their so called protected free speech ends. The Biden administration looked the other way when ANTIFA was involved, will they look the other way again?

Today is May 1st—the communist party holiday—the communist agitators have a good sense of timing.

What will Biden do?

Nothing. How many times has Biden called out so called ‘MAGA extremists’? How many times has Biden called out Anti-Semitic  extremists?

There you go.

—The GrrrTeam

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