Ron Paul’s Libertarian Party Is Dead

Cartoon published  05/28/2024

President Trump went into hostile territory and spoke to the crowd at the Libertarian Party event. Trump is the first President in 76 years that did not enter a new war. Trump is anti-war and the Libertarians booed him.

What happened to the Libertarian party? They represent liberals more than liberty.

They have degenerated into another flavor of the Democrat party. Their presidential nominees have leaned further and further toward the left and now their delegates have elected Chase Oliver, a gay man from Georgia, as their candidate. The guy being gay doesn’t disqualify him—it’s the terrible Marxist policies that he supports.

Looks like the Libertarians are addicted to losing. Bigly. They really must love their 3 %.

• Chase Oliver supported mask and vaccine mandates during the plannedemic. He was a big Black Lives Matter cheerleader.

• Chase cheered when Trump was banned from Twitter. I thought Libertarians were for freedom of speech?

• Chase marched in Pride events and carried the LGBTQXYZ flag proudly.

• Libertarians booed the most anti-war President in years at their convention.

Chase Oliver has chased away conservative libertarians. This isn’t your father’s Libertarian Party.

We asked for a Ron Paul and they gave us Ru Paul!

The Libertarians won’t be winning over any more converts soon. They are just a different version of the Democrat party and a bad one at that.

—The GrrrTeam

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