The WAR Whores-Tina Toon

Cartoon published 03/22/2023

Look Who Wants Endless War

There are a lot of politicians in both parties who continue to loudly bang on their war drums. It’s almost as if they insist on WWIII with Russia—including nuclear war. This is insanity. The US should have no vested interest in Ukraine, but war mongers such as Mitch McConnell say Ukraine is ‘the number one priority.’ (Not the American people).

The warmongers or ‘war whores’ as we depict them in our cartoon do the bidding of their globalist masters, who want regime change in Russia. Putin is not playing by their slave dollar rules and therefore he must go. 

Lindsey Graham is an egregious example of a war whore. A frequent guest on the Sean Hannity Show, Lindsey always talks tough when it comes to the war in Ukraine. Fine, Lindsey. Go over to your favorite country and fight on the front lines for your boss in ‘Keeeeev.’ Oh, but you won’t do that. You’d prefer to send young American lives over there to be obliterated while you commend them for their ‘patriotism.’

Sean Hannity, Graham’s press secretary, is a mega-millionaire who also talks tough, but won’t fight in Ukraine. He pretends to be an average Joe who shops at Walmart. Meanwhile, he lives in the lap of luxury. His fellow war whore, Mark Levin, whom Sean for some reason calls ’the great one’ is also a great banger of war drums and gets upset on his radio show because his war narrative is falling apart. Yes, ‘great one,’ Zelensky has outlawed opposition parties, the Russian Orthodox Church, and a free press as he snatches up young men off the street and feeds them into the breech of his bloody war cannon. Why are you supporting a war that does not benefit Americans whatsoever? What’s so great about you? Oh, I forgot. You’re also a mega-millionaire just like Sean. No need to be humble. Great for you!

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The war whores are now invoking the holy name of Ronald Reagan for their deadly cause. They claim he would be all for ramping up the war in Ukraine. It’s the same nonsense they always drum up. We must show force to gain respect. We must show that we are not weak by escalating war. We must save face and fight to protect and advance democracy. That’s ludicrous because we no longer have democracy in America. (Besides, we’re supposed to be a Republic, not a Democracy).

The warmongers who inhabit the Deep State Uni-Party Swamp cannot be voted out. They’ve rigged the elections. How else could a universally despised old man with dementia and who failed to campaign end up winning with more votes than Obama received? Of course it was rigged and therefore when the warmongers say they are protecting democracy, we know they are lying. They are protecting their own power and globalist hegemony.

In 1983, a terrorist bombed and killed 241 U.S. Marines who where ostensibly there to ‘stabilize’ Lebanon. Reagan responded by withdrawing all remaining American troops from that area of the Middle East. Later that same year, the Russians shot down a South Korean airline that made a navigational error and flew through Soviet air space. All 269 people aboard will killed. Did Reagan start World War III to teach Russia a lesson? No. He showed restraint—something today’s warmongers see as weakness.

 Stop sullying the name of Reagan, you war whores!

There are many more whores we could have included in this cartoon. You’ll know them when they proposition you to make war, not love. The main pimp, Zelensky, wants us all to join his war stable. He wants more death and more money. Americans need to reject Zelensky and reject the escalation of death in Ukraine. Zelensky will inevitably lose.

Time to go to the peace table. NOW!

— Grrr-Team


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