Happy Thanksgiving – Turkey a la Swamp!

For Thanksgiving this year the Democrat jackass has morphed into part turkey.

The combination equals hypocrisy.

Jackass says / Turkey does:

1.  Don’t celebrate Thanksgiving with family members! / We will have family over for Thanksgiving.

2.  Eat dinner with a mask!  / You’ll see no masks at my table.

3.  Sit far apart for social distancing!  / We sit shoulder to shoulder at our table.

4.  You must get tested before commingling!  / Testing isn’t practical for us—it’s too inconvenient and unreliable.

5.  The stores are out of toilet paper again! / Not at our house—we have plenty!  Toilet paper galore. One of us has even has a toilet made of gold.

6.  Use disinfectant and gloves when passing food dishes!  / Do as we say, not as we do. Pass the gravy and cut the cleaning nonsense.

7.  Restrict the number of guests!  / We’ll have as many family members as we choose.

8.  The cops will show up to enforce restrictions on guests!  / Cops for thee, never for we.

9.  Check points will be set up at state borders!  / Not on our streets. We come and go as we please.

10.  Thanksgiving is a super-spreader event!  / The only things we are spreading are the butter and cranberry jelly.  So good…

11.  Be safe! Thanksgiving could kill you due to COVID! / Bill Gates says he hopes you all die.

12.  Be prepared for a “forced” quarantine!  / No quarantine for those ordering a quarantine.

13.  You should rat on your neighbors when they violate rules, edicts, orders, and mandates related to Thanksgiving!  / We Democrats are exempt from all edicts and mandates due to national security.

14. Your businesses need to stay closed!  / Amazon and other mega globalist corporations need to stay open because they donate money to us.

15. We need to keep you safe!  / We need more money to put in our safes.

Thank you for your submission,

Your Democratic overlords.

guest post courtesy of John, from Florida