“A Royal Pain”

Cartoon published 05/08/2023

In the movie, “Monty Python And The Holy Grail,” King Arthur imperiously announces to a peasant woman, “I am your king!” The woman, totally unimpressed, replies, “Well, I didn’t vote for you.”

I decided to update the scene and make it into an editorial cartoon because the woman’s attitude is the correct one. Royalty got its start by irrational means. Someone decided to be king and managed to recruit powerful allies to agree with him. The people are soon forced acknowledge their servitude to the monarch through threat of force—hanging, beheading, getting drawn and quartered, and so forth. A less messy way to gain control of the population is by means of grandeur. A king lives in splendor in the fanciest of castles. He is carried about in golden carriages. He wears flowing robes and wears a sparkling, bejeweled crown. People are put in awe by such ‘majesty.’

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Today there is no threat of dying by refusing to acknowledge a king’s superiority, but the brainwashing through grandeur, tradition, and bedazzlement still exists—thanks to corporate media that constantly fawn on royal families—especially the British one. I for one refuse to watch the royal clap trap. I quickly hit the mute button or change channels. I did happen to hear one analyst on Fox News pronounce that the royal family was the ‘beating heart of Great Britain.’ Balderdash. They are figureheads of a corrupt past. I see the royals as bums who happened to have won a birth lottery. They are certainly not there due to merit.

America fought against King George during the Revolutionary War. All Americans should have a healthy disdain for the royalty racket.

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Unfortunately we’re now ruled by hundreds of would-be kings and queens in Washington DC. They reward themselves with huge salaries, bonuses, pensions, and privileges. Will they soon be wearing crowns?

My advice to all those being bombarded with all things royal: Instead of worshipping those royal twits, pay them no attention whatsoever. Remain unimpressed.

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