A Slap On The Fanny for Fani

Cartoon published 03/16/2024

Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee announced his ruling in the case of Fani Willis (DA of Fulton County) and her boyfriend, Nathan Wade (prosecutor in the Trump case). Despite obvious perjury and significant misconduct, the judge issued an extremely lenient finding: Either Fani or her boyfriend must go. One or the other. Naturally Fani accepted the prosecutor’s resignation, because if she resigned it could result in the delay of the case against Trump.

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The judge is up for re-election and so naturally he wanted to placate his mostly Democrat and Trump-hating voter base. Going after Trump is the prime directive among Democrats and it matters little to them if justice is compromised. He is also a former employee of Fani Willis and donated to her campaign, shocker right?

All of the cases against Trump amount to election interference. Democrats are more than willing to abuse the justice system in order to prevent his re-election. It’s pathetic and sad, but if we have corrupt individuals running the show, corruption is the expected outcome. This especially includes Joe Biden, an arch-criminal who has engaged in crimes including human trafficking by flying countless illegal aliens into the country. That’s against the law, but who cares about the law if one is a Swamp member?

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We can only hope that Trump plays hardball during his second term (assuming the election isn’t once again stolen from him). He promised to lock up Hillary, but after he was president he was more forgiving. Forgiving and forgetting is an unsound policy when it comes to the corrupt Democrat Party.


— Ben Garrison

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