UPDATE: At his press conference today Biden revealed that he’s not ready for open war with Russia when he said a ‘minor’ Russian incursion is likely. Nothing to see here. Move along. The Ukrainians who bribed Hunter must be upset, but at least a full scale war may be averted. Biden might just declare victory like he did in Afghanistan. That’s fine—we don’t need another war!

Joe Biden is a stumbling, mumbling disgrace and everyone knows it.

Yet I saw Senator Elizabeth Warren laugh on a TV talk show when it was suggested to her that Joe Biden may not run in 2024. She sounded very confident that he would indeed run and that he would soon turn things around. How will he accomplish this?

War. That’s how it works. When all else fails, they force us into war.

They’ll use patriotic drumbeating and cannon fire to drum up support for Biden and his unpopular programs. Who knows, it might even help make it easier for them to steal the midterm elections.

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What goes on in Russia’s sphere of influence is not America’s business. The US should be protecting our own borders, not Ukrainian ones. Still, the US remains the world’s policeman and our war-mongering politicians actually want a broke US to expand its empire. World War II ended over 75 years ago and yet we are still occupying many of the conquered countries. President Trump knew this and saw how the US was being taken advantage of by funding NATO when European countries could take care of themselves.

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It’s time to dismantle NATO, not expand it. It’s time to end war, not start new ones. Biden and the Democrats don’t want this. Neither do the globalists who have taken over America. I’m talking about the oligarchs who show up at Davos, Bilderberg, and the World Economic Forum. Those are the people who are pulling America’s strings and they want a communist Chinese model for the world. That’s why they praise and admire President Xi so much. They despise Putin because for all his faults, he’s a nationalist who has the best interests of his own people at heart. So did Trump.

Everything Apocalypse Joe has done thus far has been a complete and utter disaster and a new war will be even more disastrous. 

— Ben Garrison


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