Robert De Niro Gives The Most Unhinged Performance oF his Life

Cartoon published 05/29/2024

I’m not one of those people who write off one’s accomplishments because I don’t like their politics. I do think Robert De Niro is a good actor. He was terrific in ‘Raging Bull,’ ‘Goodfellas,’ and ‘Godfather II.’ He has aged and some say he is washed up, but I thought he was pretty good in ‘The Irishman.’ He has had a long and successful acting career. That doesn’t mean he knows much about politics and he certainly embarrassed himself yesterday in New York City. He condemned Trump outside the courtroom in which the former president was being unjustly tried.

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De Niro is an empty vessel. Without a script he’s nothing more than a rambling ignoramus. He doesn’t even know why he hates Trump—not exactly. Not even his ‘lift shoes’ can elevate De Niro out of his unhinged Trump derangement syndrome.

He can’t articulate anything beyond wild claims that Trump will shut down elections and take away our freedom. Yet Trump was in office for four years and no such things were attempted. If anything, it’s the Democrats who clung to power through the fake Russia scandal and impeachments.

The Democrats are desperate. They know most Americans despise Joe Biden. He’s doing miserably in the polls. He draws minuscule crowds compared with Trump and those who do show up end up booing him. His presidency has been a destructive disaster. Biden is a liar, a crook, and a creeper. So who do the Democrats trot out to support him? Robert DeNiro, the man with an acute case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. DeNiro promptly missed his mark and made a jackass out of himself, but he epitomizes what the Democrats have left. They have nothing but anti-Trump hatred and abortion as their platforms. We can expect they will continue to shout ‘Trump is Hitler” and similar nonsense, but it will only lose them more votes.

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It looks like the Democrats will lose the presidency. They can’t cheat their way toward victory this time. The Democrats don’t want Biden, but he just won’t bow out because he’s stubborn and deluded. He thinks he’s accomplished much. He probably considers himself to be another FDR instead of the corrupt flop that he is.

Robert De Niro’s ‘performance’ at the Biden press conference in front of the New York court building got him boos from the crowd, literally. Pro-Trump crowds gave De Niro the thumbs down and heckled him as he read his lines from a piece of paper with his head down.

Robert De Niro won’t be winning an Oscar for that part anytime soon.

— Ben Garrison

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