“My Big Tech Buddies will make sure you will only see the information we want you to see”

“Circle back” Jen Psaki wants social media to circle their wagons and censor free speech in America. That’s right, she and the Biden Regime don’t care about our First Amendment. They are urging social media to ban those who question the White House’s plan to use an experimental injection on all Americans against a virus that has a 99.7 percent survivability rate. If you are banned on one social media platform, then Psaki also wants you banned on EVERY social media program. The Biden regime has even talked about censoring your text messages and email.

For nearly five years the left called Trump a ‘fascist,’ but now we see real fascists in action. More accurately, they are Marxists who want the Democrats to have total control over what we can say.

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Psaki, who claims to be in constant contact with all the major social media platforms, is setting up the Biden regime for Trump’s lawsuit and she should be the plaintiff’s first witness. Just think what might happen if Trump achieves the discovery stage. We’ll see just how rotten the beltway has become. The Marxist left already controls our education, the ‘mainstream’ media, and too much of our courts and security agencies. Now they claim to have a monopoly on science. They cornered that market. Dr. Fauci claims the anti-vax people are the way they are because they are conservatives. Nope. Fauci is the one who is politicized. A genocidal Bill Gates and other globalist centi-billionaires tell Fauci what narrative to push regardless of real scientific facts. Fauci is NOT the voice of science. He’s the voice of death.

Science should always follow the truth. Instead it is being forced to follow politics and big money. Without freedom of speech, we will only get the Marxist Democrat’s version of science.

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We at GrrrGraphics do not want Stalinism in America. We need to vociferously condemn what the Biden regime is doing. We need to protect our liberties and that includes speaking out against medical goon squads Biden is planning to send door to door. It will lead to forced vaccination, and if they can forcibly poison us with injections they will become further emboldened to forcibly take our guns.

We must make a stand and it should be here—do not allow the traitorous Biden Regime to censor us.

— The GrrrTeam

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