McCarthy Folded Like A Cheap Beach Chair

Cartoon published 05/30/26

Kevin McCarthy caved to Joe Biden. He called the budget agreement, “A step in the right direction.” Add that to the ‘things losers say’ list.

We at GrrrGraphics harbored some hope for the Speaker of The House, but naturally such a daydream has been dashed.

The uni-party McCarthy folded like a cheap beach chair.

It’s now clear. Joe Biden took the long holiday weekend off as a show of strength. He went to his beach house because he knew it wasn’t necessary to stay at the White House and hammer out a deal. The deal was a foregone conclusion. Biden is supported by the Deep State Swamp and the globalist oligarchs They make sure the skids are greased for Biden.

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The curtain is coming down on the Debt Ceiling Comedy Theater, which results in tragedy for average taxpayers. McCarthy bragged that he has limited government growth, but it is nonetheless growing. Military defense spending goes up regardless—it’s the sacred cow of Congress. The huge budget assigned to the IRS has been slightly cut. About 80 percent of the $80 billion IRS expansion remains. That means we’ll still have thousands of new IRS agents coming after the poor and middle class.

Biden promised they will only go after the billionaires, millionaires, and those making $400,000 or higher. That’s another Biden lie. They are coming after the already collapsing middle class because they lack the means to defend themselves legally. Biden and his party will increase the debt by another $4 trillion. This kind of leverage only strengthens Biden ahead of the presidential election.

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Real conservative Republicans in Congress should fight this budget agreement with firm resolve, but in the end we expect it will be pushed through. Politics as usual.

Nobody really expected politicians to cut spending did they?

— Ben Garrison

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