“I don’t even know what I am signing” Fraud in Chief Joe Biden

Who is ordering Biden’s flood of executive orders? Why, the invigorated Deep State Swamp, of course.

Biden is a puppet chosen by the Swamp. He certainly wasn’t chosen by many voters. In early 2020, Biden came in 4th in Iowa during the Democratic primary. He finished 5th in New Hampshire. Sleepy Joe looked finished. His debate performances were a dismal embarrassment.

Yet the Deep State chose him and that was that. They knew he was corrupt and would carry out another term for Obama, who is likely one of Biden’s string pullers. Hillary pulls the strings on Kamala. They didn’t care what the voters wanted. The Swamp obviously did everything necessary to assure a Biden victory. They outspent Trump by a wide margin on campaign ads. They shamelessly cheated and stole the election when it was clear Trump would win by a landslide.

The plethora of executive orders are necessary for the Swamp to remove as many of Trump’s accomplishments as possible just in case something happens and Biden is removed from office. Everyone knows the election was stolen—even Democrats. Only they call it ‘fortifying’ the election.

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It’s unlikely a general revolution will occur by the people to remove Joe’s regime. Americans may be angry, but they’re kept distanced and fearful. Most won’t even remove their slave masks of submission. Perhaps the last hope resides with the Supreme Court. If only they’d get off their duffs, examine the massive amount of evidence and mete out some justice. Then maybe China Joe will be removed.

This could also be why Pelosi is so eager to impeach Trump. She doesn’t want him to be able to take his rightful place in the White House for his second term.

—Ben Garrison


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