Someone said “Pope” Biden Thought they said “Poop”

There’s a substantive rumor out of Rome that Joe Biden had an ‘accident’ while meeting with the Pope. A change of suits was involved. Why are we telling you this? Why is it important? Because Sleepy Joe has already exhibited mental incompetence.

 Now he’s displaying his incontinence.

Joe needs to be kept away from the nuclear football and be kept near the men’s room.

Joe is also emotionally incontinent. He thinks he’s fabulously popular when in fact, most Americans despise him. That’s why they chant “F___ Joe Biden!” at stadiums. Joe gets angry for no reason. He sniffs and gropes people on camera. He can’t help himself. He can’t control himself. He lapses into non-sequitur, rambling stories about his grandfather and other relatives that go nowhere.

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Dementia Joe is completely corrupt. He stinks. Literally. No wonder he was seen standing way off to the far left and alone when a group photo of world leaders was taken. Few want to be around Joe when he has another one of his ‘accidents.’

— GrrrTeam

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