BIG Babies Swalwell and Schiff

Cartoon published 01/26/23

The Salt Flows As Swalwell And Schiff Are Removed From The House Intel Committee

California’s Congressman Eric Swalwell once threatened gun owners with nuclear weapons. He was making a point about how big and powerful he was because he was part of a big and powerful government. (Dementia Joe recently made a similar comment). Swalwell had no problem with joking about inflicting mass murder on US citizens. Now he’s crying because he claims he received death threats. I’m not sure what such threats have to do with getting kicked off the House Intelligence Committee, but now he’s playing the victim with full crocodile tears.

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He’s not a victim—he’s just a big baby. He deserved to get kicked off his committee after it was discovered that he was sleeping with Fang Fang, a Chinese communist spy. His lame excuse? He proudly claimed his district had a lot of Asians. I guess he felt he was servicing them all somehow by sleeping with a foreign Asian enemy. Regardless, having such a compromised man on the committee was equivalent to President Xi sitting on it. Swalwell now has the gall to complain that he was a victim of partisan politics when House Speaker McCarthy kicked him off the committee. Pelosi kicked off Republicans from committees as a matter of course.


Adam Schiff, also a House Representative from California, is equally angry and upset with McCarthy and vows to get even—and announced he is running for Feinstein’s Senate seat. Schiff used his position on the Intelligence Committee to insinuate he had inside, concrete information that President Trump was guilty of colluding with Russia. He had no such evidence. It didn’t exist. Schiff is a proven liar, but he continued to insinuate that he had inside info about Hunter’s laptop. He claimed with was ‘Russian disinformation.’ Another lie. The laptop proved to be real.

Swalwell and Schiff are traitors and vicious liars who make bags of scum look respectable. Not only should they be off any committee, they should be drum rolled out of Congress.

 — Ben Garrison


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