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Cartoon published 07/31/2023

A good case for term limits, Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell recently ‘froze’ for nearly 19 seconds while making an announcement in Congress. He had to be whisked away by his handlers. Apparently he had other frozen moments as well. We know that he has taken several face plants and now he gets pushed around in a wheelchair at airports. 

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Mitch is making a good case for the need of term limits, and his case isn’t unusual. There are many serving in Congress who are well past their expiration date, including Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Jerry Nadler, and Chuck Grassley. Why won’t they retire? The answer is simple: Power. They don’t want to lose it. Perhaps it gives purpose to their lives and they know they will quickly die without it. So they hang on. John McCain would almost certainly still be in office today at age 86 had he not succumbed to brain cancer. If any of them could continue by any means—maybe even a brain in a jar—they would.

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Chairman Mao wasn’t afraid of death per se. His greatest fear was losing his immense power by dying. Our politicians are no different and their constituencies continue to rubber stamp them into office whether by legitimate or illegitimate means.

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I’m not slamming old folks. Heck, everyone gets old. I want to see old people retire in comfort and live out their last years with at least a minimum degree of dignity. We don’t see that in Congress. Instead, we see ancient politicians being humiliated and propped up by their unelected staff who often tell their boss when to vote and how.

It’s time to enact term limits as well as mental competency requirements. In which case John Fetterman would also be made to retire. 

— Ben Garrison 

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