A few months ago I was on a podcast in which the host asked me if I’ve ever drawn a cartoon against the country. I immediately said no, but I failed to make one thing clear: Big government is not the country.

I’ve lambasted the government repeatedly, and it deserves it. If there was ever a reason for free speech, it’s for criticizing big government.

Governments may start out as cute puppies and eager to please, but they always grow into gigantic, ravenous, power-hungry wolves—and rabid ones at that. As the government consumes our resources, our money, our dignity and our freedoms, it’s never sated. It always wants more.

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If our Founding Fathers could see what has happened to America, they’d be appalled. They once revolted against tyranny inflicted upon them by a king in England. Now the king is big government force. We must pay our taxes or we’re threatened with prison. If we resist, government can have us murdered. Even worse, our government has been usurped by globalist elite forces. It began a long time ago. They control our sick debt money system as well as our media. They start endless, far off and meaningless wars that bring death to We The People and more money and power to themselves.

BIG Government takes even when it’s supposedly ‘giving.’ They give nothing. Government creates nothing. All it does is steal the hard work from some citizens and reallocate the money that labor represents into the hands of others—and those others may be foreign countries. In the process government always takes a big cut and gains more power.

BIG Government constantly grows. Look at the FBI—right from the start J. Edgar Hoover illegally spied on politicians. Once he had the dirt on them, they did his bidding and his job was safe for most of his life. And, like all bureaucracies, it kept growing. The CIA did this as well. Hiding behind the blanket of ’national security,’ they’re able to pull all kinds of dirty tricks. And look at all the politicians that grew fabulously rich from government. It’s disgusting.

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Now BIG Government wants our guns. They want to convert our 2nd Amendment right into a privilege. They want to limit our free speech. They’ve destroyed our privacy and ability to own and control property. They’ve put millions of Americans in corporate prisons for non-violent crimes. They’ve burdened the young with outrageous debt that can’t be repaid. They’ve turned us all into slaves and we do nothing about it. A few of us, like me, complain. For that we’re smeared as ‘fringe, ‘far right’ or ‘alt right’ or ‘anti-Semitic.’ We called ‘conspiracy theorists,’ for telling the truth. Now they even want to call us ’terrorists’ for being against government tyranny.

—Ben Garrison

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