The Experts are always right? Published Nov 2020

I’m often called a ‘conspiracy theorist,’ but what we’ve all seen unfold before our eyes the past few years makes it clear that they’re not theories. They are real conspiracies being carried out by the elitists at the top of the pyramid.

We’ve seen an attempted coup, the blatant rigging of a presidential election, and a plannedemic designed to ruin our country ahead of the ‘Great Reset.’

Believing in ‘America First,’ makes us all Nazis somehow. General Mattis even said Biden’s first goal should be to take ‘America First’ out of our national security policy. Really? That sounds like something a mad dog would say.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has come out and announced his support for Agenda 30. I remember not too long ago how anyone mentioning the UN Agendas were immediately denounced as conspiracy theorists.

What the elitists want will not be pleasant for the vast majority of us. The worst thing they have planned is a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine. Just a few years ago anyone like me who were warning about mandatory vaccines were discredited as a conspiracy theorists and nut jobs. Now it’s being mentioned by the mass media and people are already welcoming it in order to get things ‘back to normal.’

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There is nothing normal about vaccination in general, but making it mandatory is downright dystopian. If we go along, elitists such as Bill Gates will roll out new viruses and announce never-ending vaccines for us. OH—and we’ll still have to wear their masks, which damages us both mentally and physically. What happens when people start dropping dead a few years after taking the vaccines? The elitists will say it’s due to a new strain of virus and not their vaccines and that the solution is more vaccines! Yes, it will get that nutty.

The vaccines will contain unspeakable evil such as aborted fetal tissue, nano technology, and DNA-changing elements. Not to mention adjuvants that are downright poisonous to our bodies. These vaccines will make many sick right after getting jabbed. Some may die, but the vaccine makers can’t be sued. Huh? How did we allow Congress to give them special dispensation? It means Big Pharma can rush vaccines out without fear. It means a lessening of their responsibility and accountability. It means they have become even more dangerous.

Bill Gates is the biggest vaccine pusher in the world. A confirmed nerd, Bill was bullied as a child. Now he wants to bully the world using forced vaccination. He will have extracted sweet revenge on humanity when he forces his mandatory vaccines upon the Earth and millions begin dropping dead because of them.

We all need to have the final say about what goes into our bodies. If we lose that right, we will lose everything…including our very lives. Say no to Bill Gates and vaccines.

—Ben Garrison

PS. For years the Left has proclaimed “My Body My Choice” when it comes to abortions. Shouldn’t that apply to getting vaccines too?