The Globalists want to remove Liberty and Freedom and replace it with socialism and authoritarian control.

One of their tools is Agenda 30.  Anyone can find ample proof of it’s existence through a search engine. If you use Google, you’ll see plenty of links smearing you as a conspiracy theorist if you think such an agenda is ominous and dangerous to humanity (it is) and positive links telling you how well intentioned it is (it isn’t). You’ll see the word ‘sustainability’ used a lot. Suffice it to say, authoritarians at the UN and elsewhere want to control us under their banner of helping humanity and protecting the planet. It’s really about something the authoritarians love: Power and control.

“Climate change” (formerly global warming) is critical to the authoritarians who want an excuse to plug up smoke stacks and tailpipes, while magically replacing them with ‘green energy.’ Politicians such as Ocasio-Cortez pushes the climate change/green energy narrative all the time, along with socialism.

So does Governor “Moonbeam” Jerry Brown. He blames the California fires on climate change. It could simply be terrible forest management. State ‘officials’ would rather preserve habitats that allow snail darters and snails to flourish by not clearing out the excess kindling built up on forest floors. Regardless, the message has been sent. People need to stop building close to forests and stay in the cities. Just what the climate change pushers want.

The climate change affirmers usually leave out the main cause of climate change: The sun. It’s now lacking sunspots and going through a cooling phase. So the Earth’s climate WILL change, but will trend to cooling—the opposite of what the climate change drumbeaters have said. Now they’re saying it’s good that the Earth is cooling, because it will buy us more time to solve global warming.

The authoritarian control freaks want to remove freedom and liberty and replace it with socialism and authoritarian control. Concentrating people into urban areas will make it easier to control minds, transportation, jobs, and health.

This will be the ultimate conflagration.

—Ben Garrison


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